What is a Title V Inspection

and why do I need one?

If you are currently in need of a Title V inspection, you probably have a few questions. Here at William R. Proctor Excavation, we are frequently helping homeowners learn more about this process. Below is information to help get you started and we are always more than happy to speak with you directly about your specific situation and needs.

Why Do I Need A Title V?

  • You are selling your house or transferring the ownership to a different party.
  • You are making a significant addition to your house, such as adding new bedrooms.

Who Is Allowed to Do A Title V?

  • A licensed soil evaluator or system inspector.
  • **Dan Proctor, President of William R Proctor Excavation, is a licensed system inspector.

What Is The Title V Process?

  • Step 1: We obtain your property’s site plans from public records to ascertain the location of the components to your septic system.
  • Step 2: Once located, the system is unearthed and opened.
  • Step 3: The site inspector conducts a visual inspection. The inspector is checking to make sure that the liquid, scum, and sludge levels are acceptable, that the baffles are present and intact on both the inlet and outlet pipes of the tank, and that the structural integrity of the tank is sound.
  • Step 4: The site inspector then moves on to the distribution box or leach pit to check liquid levels and make sure that there is no scum build-up.
  • Step 5: If any concerns arise, a test hole will be dug below the septic system to check for any seepage into the surrounding soil, stone, and groundwater.
  • Step 6: The system is closed and re-covered.

To learn more about Title V Inspections or to request the services of William R. Proctor Excavation please call 978-582-4764. We will provide you with paperwork to start the process and more detailed information. Read what other clients have to say about us!

Why should you contact William R. Proctor, Inc. for your septic system?

  • There are No Surprises – your proposal will include all materials, equipment, and subcontractor prices.
  • We will make every effort to meet your real estate closing deadlines.
  • The job will be completed in a timely manner.
  • We produce the highest quality work. With 45 years experience, you know you are getting the best!